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Taylor swift dating joe

that's cool." As for his mom—well, she'd definitely be able to help Alwyn get into character.

As a psychotherapist, she could likely offer keen insight into the minds of the people Alwyn portrays.

A relationship isn't real unless you can both listen to the same bad songs—or, at least, tolerate them.

Luckily for Swift, she found a guy who reportedly loves to bust out an Eminem song every now and then.

Alwyn was born to an interesting pair, and it's obvious that they both had a huge influence on him.

In fact, Alwyn still lives there in the same house with his parents—hey, it's not so easy getting your own place in your twenties these days.Luckily, if anyone can appreciate a man still living at home with his ma and pa, it's T. She's super close to her own parents, going so far as to even write a sweet song for her mother called "The Best Day." Aww.reports that he and the actors who played soldiers in the movie traveled to Georgia to participate in a boot camp run by veterans."He did a lot of work in crisis zones, places like Uganda or Rwanda.When your dad comes back from a faraway land with bows and arrows and spears wrapped up in a carpet…

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She may have even rented a house in North London so she could "get to know him without any chaos," reported Almost immediately after it was released on Oct.

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